Interborough Dating: How Far Is Too Far?

While dating can be a challenge for anyone, New York City romantics face some remarkable conditions. NYC is its own special place, full of distinctive neighborhoods and boroughs. With a population of over 8 million, finding that special someone could be a breeze. Or it might be completely overwhelming.

To get to the bottom of Big Apple courtships, we decided to explore the juicy details of interborough dating by surveying 500 New Yorkers. A lot can happen in a New York minute – especially if you swipe right. Keep reading to see what we found.

Looking for Love in NYC

Dating App Usage

With the help of technology, the way we find each other has quickly transformed from traditional dating to connecting through a dating app. With the constant hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, technology has become a godsend to people looking to hook up in the least amount of time. Additionally, even though New Yorkers often live near each other, it can still be hard to find someone date-worthy. An app can help turn neighbors into lovers.

We asked our New York survey respondents more about their dating app reliance. Fifty-three percent said they used a dating app, while 47 percent said they didn’t. When asked about which apps they used the most, Tinder came out on top at 35 percent. OkCupid and Bumble were runners up at 12 percent and 9 percent. The Pew Research Center says that since 2013, dating app use has tripled among young people. Since New Yorkers really benefit from how dating apps complement their city lifestyles, it looks like this is a trend that’s here to stay.

Hipster, Ghetto, Italian – Stereotyping Boroughs

Borough Stereotypes

New Yorkers tend to really like their own neighborhoods. And their pride is understandable. Each of the five NYC boroughs has a distinctive personality. But New Yorkers may not be too keen on these differences when it comes to dating. Or do opposites truly attract? We asked NYC residents to give us short descriptors for each borough, and the results were quite interesting.

Brooklyn is a place for hipsters as well as smart and cool people. And Staten Island is boring, nice, and Italian. It turns out that Staten Island does have a high percentage of foreign-born Italians. Perhaps, this is a detail to consider when choosing your next date. However, it was the only borough not to be labeled as smart.

Interborough Infidelity

Caught in the Act

Cheating. So many people do it, but none of us wants to be the victim. Statistics show that we tend to cheat, or at least want to, at pretty high rates – 33 percent of men and 19 percent of women, according to a study of over 100,000 people! When it comes to NYC, people looking for love deal with the same levels of betrayal and dishonesty that we all face.

So what is the reality of cheating in NYC? We put the question to our survey respondents and found out their deepest secrets. Luckily, a happy 72 percent reported that they had never been cheated on, but 28 percent weren’t so lucky.

We then divided up the cheaters by borough. Manhattan came out as home to the most cheaters (31 percent). Other notable mentions include the 25 percent of cheaters in both Queens and Brooklyn. It looks like The Bronx and Staten Island are both safer places for fragile hearts.

Size Matters

Erecting Skyscrapers

Size matters. At least that’s the word on the street. It’s really an endless argument. Do women care? Should they care? Men spend too much of their adolescent years comparing penis size. Women talk up their man or complain about their one-night stand. Whether it really matters or not, we sure talk a lot about penis size.

The City That Never Sleeps must be up to something else, but just how many inches are its penis sizes up to? Curious which borough has the biggest equipment? So were we. We put the question to our survey group. The Bronx comes out on top with the most votes in the “largest” category. Manhattan was the most “average,” while Staten Island was the “smallest.” With the Bronx also being voted as less likely to cheat, you might want to consider this borough a winner.

Borough Bias

Borough-to-Borough Dating

We all know that long-distance dating can be hard. Though NYC is one big city, the five boroughs make it feel like many cities. And living in NYC isn’t like living anywhere else in the U.S. Sometimes, it’s easier to date someone that lives in your same borough. That way, if you want to grab a quick drink, you can.

We wondered how often people from one borough date another. Our survey results show us that boroughs do tend to stay to themselves. The only borough that didn’t follow this pattern was The Bronx, which tends to date Manhattanites slightly more. Since these boroughs are next to each other, there might be some advantage there. It seems New Yorkers tend to stay put when it comes to relationships. With all the Big City hustle and bustle, who wants to take the subway every time he or she wants to see that special someone?

Getting to the Date

Destination: Date

Speaking of subways: Most New Yorkers have to make remarkable arrangements when setting up a date. The Big Apple puts a big emphasis on public transportation and walking. While the rest of the country might be squabbling about who will pick up whom, New Yorkers are checking subway schedules and sifting through hundreds of five-star restaurant reviews.

We asked our survey respondents to tell us how they prefer to travel to their dates. A hefty 70 percent of participants said that they prefer to use the subway. Another 40 percent prefer to walk. Fewer than 30 percent travel by taxi, Uber, bus, or car. And an ambitious (and sweaty) 9 percent are willing to bike.


Dating is a mixed bag for everyone. And today it includes a lot of technology. We get to find out more details about each other through dating apps. But nothing replaces the official face-to-face date. Courtship may look a lot different than it did 50 years ago, but it’s still the same hunt for a great partner.

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